Password Security

Password Security – Take action now! You may have noticed some discussion in the news recently that several MPs have been sharing their login details with their staff as a matter of course. This brought a lot of criticism from security professionals and the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office), who have now reminded MPs of their duties under the Data Protection Laws.


Are you ready for GDPR?

What is GDPR? General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, will overhaul how businesses process and handle data. This regulation is the biggest change in two decades and will come into force on May 25th 2018. It will change how businesses and public sector organisations can handle information of customers. The GDPR is Europe’s new framework for data…


An Increase In Cyber Threats

With cyber-attacks and computer security being heavily publicised throughout the media as of late, we would take this opportunity to drive home the importance of making sure your systems are safeguarded from such threats. 2017 sees an ever increasing rise in cyber crime causing unprecedented levels of disruption with the use of simple IT tools and cloud services.


Outsourced IT Support

Outsourced IT Support IT is now an integral part of any business and a partnership with Cortec provides many advantages for any business. A large proportion of our IT Support clients are based in London and are relying on Cortec to not only provide daily assistance and support but to help them move their business…


What Cortec understands about customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a key differentiator in a sea of other IT companies. There is a lot of technical ability out there, not all of it very good at understanding business requirements or human interaction.
We take customer’s feedback seriously (including regular account management meetings) and act upon reasonable requests. What’s the point of listening if you’re not going to act on feedback and move forwards?


Surface Pro 3 update has so much new stuff for sysadmins, we can’t fit it all in one headline

Microsoft has released a significant new firmware update for Surface Pro 3 fondleslabs, the second to arrive this month. As explained in a blog post by Redmond’s JC Hornbeck, the latest update to the Surface Pro 3’s Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) adds new features for enterprise customers but only minor improvements for consumers. With the update…